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Physical Therapy

Why Physical Therapy?

Physical Therapy isn’t about just “exercising”. Therapy is about having customized care specific to your particular concern. For example: back pain, is not back pain, is not back pain. Every individual’s complaint of back pain may be for a very different reason. A very simplified example is that Sally’s pain may be worse with bending forward and Jack’s pain may be worse with bending back. These can be due to 2 completely different issues and the same back exercises would not work for both Sally and Jack! This is why a customized care plan specific to an individual’s needs is the key to having better and quicker outcomes.

Another misconception about physical therapy is that it is only helpful “if I’m out of shape”. This just is not true. We see athletes and very fit and active individuals who would absolutely benefit from physical therapy. Even in the fittest athlete, there can be very specific weak muscles or other factors that can be contributing to that person’s pain.

If you’ve ever wondered if physical therapy is for you, or even if you have your doubts, we usually recommend at least having an initial consultation with a therapist to see for yourself if therapy can help.

Driggs Location

Coming Soon!

Rocky Mountain Spine & Sport is proud to soon be serving patients in Teton Valley and the Jackson Hole area. Check our website for updates on when the Driggs location is officially open.