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Amputee Patients

People who have sustained an amputation know all too well the demands of having a prosthetic device. It can be quite a challenge to obtain and maintain good fitting prosthesis. This is a far greater issue than finding the right coat or a pair of well-fitting shoes. 

A well-fitting prosthesis often allows the person greater freedom, livelihood, and self-fulfillment. Without such a device it would be much more difficult, perhaps impossible, to complete their daily activities as they know them today. 

While we here at Rocky Mountain Spine & Sport are not part of the acute management or surgical process of amputations we have a program to work hand-in-hand with the local prosthetic designers, in the hopes to ensure the patient has the best-suited prosthetic for their particular condition and lifestyle. 

Our practice can assist in the management of issues common to patients after an amputation, including phantom limb pain, non-healing wounds and other musculoskeletal conditions associated following an amputation. So if you continue have pain and your surgeon has exhausted their options, we are happy to help you on your path to being the best you and getting you back to the life you enjoy.