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Supplements: What Exactly Are You Taking?

supplements This article highlights some of my concerns when patients tell me they are taking fistfuls of supplements:

It's a downer to pay a lot of money and not even be getting the active ingredients!

In general, I don't recommend a lot of supplements to my patients. Ideally, we would get most of our nutrients from natural food sources. However, in this day and age, between our nutritionally-depleted and stripped processed foods and stressed lifetstyles it can be hard to get everything you need from food. Athletes, in addition, often need a little extra supplementation (namely iron and vitamin D), particularly during hard training cycles. There are a variety of different vitamins and supplements that I occasionally offer to patients. Think probiotics, fish oil, magnesium, vitamin D, turmeric, co-Q 10, vitamin B complex. We stock a few of these from reputable sources that are tested and guaranteed to contain the active ingredients. What do I myself take? Vitamin D, fish oil, co-Q 10. Occasionally a probiotic or multivitamin. Keep moving and stay strong and healthy! Dr. V.

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