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Radiant Health

I've been thinking about new year's resolutions. I like to set them, both for personal goals for myself and professional goals I hope to achieve. It helps keep me motivated and interested. The phrase that keeps coming to mind as I formulate resolutions for 2017 is radiant health. What is radiant health? How do I get it? Is it achievable?

Have you ever been around someone who glows with health? Not in a creepy, alien-esque type way, but just in a way that exudes vibrancy, energy, and a healthy spirit. I have. I went to a health and nutrition conference a few years ago, and many of the speakers seemed to just burst with energy and good health. So I'm going back again in 2017: Home Nutrition & Health Conference I firmly believe solid nutrition lays the foundation for this type of health. What is YOUR definition of radiant health? How can we help you get there in the new year? Happy holidays and best of health to you in 2017. Keep moving! Dr. Vlach and all the staff at Eastern Idaho Spine, Sports and Rehab Center

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Sarah Vlach