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Pop Quiz!

Because I am sadistic, I like to surprise my staff with pop quizzes at our quarterly 'All Hands' Meetings. Just kidding, they are really in good fun, and are to help make sure we all understand our vision and mission. On the last pop quiz, I asked them, "If a patient asked, 'do you do pain management?' what would you say?" Most people said 'no, I would refer them to the pain anesthesiologists'. However, one brilliant staff worker answered "Yes, we do pain management. We are more focused on fixing the problem instead of covering up the pain. We look at the person as a whole." Brilliant and spot on.

Yes, we do pain management. No, we do not often do heavy opioid narcotic prescribing, as we have usually found that as a downward spiral for most patients. Below, see a brief video about Dr. Vlach talking about alternatives to opioids. Keep moving! Dr. V and EISSR

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