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Motivation and Wood Chopping

While camping last month, I found my 5 year old daughter wielding an axe and tenaciously attempting to chop wood for the campfire. Her form needed improvement and I feared loss of limb. My efforts to make her stop were not heeded. She turned to me and fiercely declared, "This is my dream, mom. You told me to NEVER, EVER give up on my dreams". Yikes. It is true. If there is one life lesson I am trying to instill in my kids, it is to never give up. In her case, it would appear that I am succeeding: my favorite thing to do with my mom

In her case, it may be overkill, but I love that my message is getting across, to dream big and to always keep chasing your goals. And yes, you CAN do hard things: i can do hard things (It is up to you to determine if doing hard things includes being nice). Dream big, NEVER GIVE UP, and keep moving!

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Sarah Vlach