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Just Say No to Junk Food!

Like many of us, I've been trying to clean up my diet in the new year. Most people think I am a crazed health nut who would never let a sugary-laden treat pass my lips, but the reality is that I struggle with food cravings as much as the next guy or gal, and especially when I ramp up my ultrarunning training, I often find myself eating twizzlers at night in bed, even if I am not particularly hungry. say no to junk food It's not a good feeling. It's one thing to fuel long efforts or endurance events with sugar, candy or treats (I am NOT going to deprive myself of a twizzler during a 27 hour run!) but the problem is that the desire for these foods bleeds over into daily life. The terrible truth about junk food is that the more you eat, the more you want, and you are never truly satisfied by it. The food is designed that way, it is not poor willpower on your part that you can't stop eating that bag of chips. This article gave me a few tips to try: Try a few of them out and see if they help. Be compassionate towards yourself in your effort towards health, and know that junk food is NOT your friend!

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