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How to Deal With Your Knees

how to deal with your knees Came across this interesting read, in the New York Times, of all places. It pretty much summarizes my practice philosophy on how to deal with many knee problems, with a few exceptions (read my critiques at the bottom). >> What I Wish I’d Known About My Knees

Here's what I DON"T agree with:

-Taking anti-inflammatories (NSAIDs) for chronic knee pain. NSAIDs have been associated with a host of problems, including bleeding ulcers in the stomach and increased risks of heart attacks and strokes. While they may be ok taken very occasionally (think once a month) they should not be used on a daily basis, and, in fact, if you choose to undergo a regenerative injection such as stem cell or PRP, you will have to stop all NSAIDs for several weeks before and for up to 3 months after undergoing the procedure.

Here's some other great options for dealing with knee problems:

>-PRP or Stem Cell Treatments for knee pain resulting from arthritis, meniscal tears and even ligament tears such as ACL tears. Check out for information on these cutting edge treatments offered in our clinic. -Acupuncture. Many patients looking for a gentler, less invasive approach get great results with acupuncture. At our clinic, we usually start with 3 treatments and reassess at the end of the 3rd to see if it is an effective modality. I'd say approximately 70-80% of our patients report good relief of their pain with acupuncture. Initially, patients may only get a couple of weeks' relief of pain, but with repeated treatments many patients see lasting benefit. Keep moving, stay healthy and take good care of your body! Dr. V. and all staff at EISSR

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