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Last week, I truly had one of the most gratifying patient care experiences in my professional career.

A patient had traveled a ways from Montana to see me. His lumbar spine had been fused years back and he was beginning to suffer the consequences; adjacent segment degeneration and worsening back pain. He was interested in regenerative medicine, and I counseled him that his candidacy was poor (previous fusion makes it difficult to treat the spine, as the tissues have been permanently altered in such an unnatural way). Regardless, he persisted, and I agreed to treat him but explained that for the best success/outcomes he would also need to radically address underlying health issues (poor diet, peripheral neuropathy, elevated blood sugars and pre-diabetes). His procedure went well and he went on to physical therapy.

I saw him back at the 6 week mark and he is doing extremely well; reduced back pain, improved function and commitment to his overall health. His prognosis is excellent and I have little doubt that he will continue to do well and likely will avoid additional spine surgeries. I did my part: precise, image-guided placement of his own growth factors into and around nerves, ligaments and joints in his spine. He in turn did his part: committed to his health, cleaned up his diet and worked hard daily to reap the benefits of the injections. To be able to have such a profound impact on a person's life; words cannot express my gratitude for these evolving treatments and for motivated patients that do the work necessary to redefine their health. Keep moving!! Dr. V and the team at EISSR Sarah

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