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Feeling the love at the Zion Traverse

Those who know me at all know that the two things I dislike most are heat and snakes. For this reason, I usually avoid the desert, as it has the unique ability to deliver up these two despised things in combination (massive overheating and then seeing a snake! the worst!). However, my friend enticed me with a trip to Zion in April to complete the Zion Traverse, a 50ish mile run/hike/trek that covers the full expanse of the miraculous Zion National Park. Similar to the Grand Canyon R2R2R ( Years Review | Eastern Idaho Spine Center), which I completed in October of last year, it provides an opportunity to travel through incredible wilderness, ultra-style, in a non-race format. You can choose to travel west to east or east to west; we chose the latter, because it left us with an easier drive home and we had a stellar shuttle service (thank you Mark and Chris!!!). Either option offers roughly 10,000 feet of climbing and 48-52 miles depending on the friendliness of your GPS.

Here a few pics from an outstanding day:

[gallery columns="5" link="file" ids="772,773,774,775,776"] I far preferred this to the Grand Canyon R2R2R. Fewer people, more wilderness and adventure, and a point-to-point course (I don't like retracing my steps). And, best of snakes and a perfect 60 degree day with a light wind. Keep moving and adventuring, Sarah

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