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Changing People's Health and Lives

I am at the 2018 Interventional Orthopedics Foundation conference. (Interventional Orthopedics Foundation - The Future of Medicine is Regenerative) Check this amazing non-profit organization out. I will be headed there at least 6 times this next year for additional training and to keep adding procedures to my skill set to help patients. We are reviewing the latest data on orthobiologics (PRP and stem cell injections) for musculoskeletal and spine disorders.

It is an incredibly inspiring conference (some medical conferences are incredibly dull, believe me) as it pulls together the leaders in the field in regenerative medicine, physicians who are advancing the field and helping establish the evolving field of interventional orthopedics. With sincerity and intent to act, changing people's lives and health, I am Sincerely Yours, Dr. Sarah Vlach

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