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Back pain: A book that will change your life!

crooked This book held my attention for most of Feb and March: If you have back pain, and particularly if you are considering surgery, I would strongly recommend giving this book a read. It reveals a journalist's travels through back pain and sorts out what works and what doesn't. The reader's digest version of what works: EXERCISE. Yep, folks, once again, MOTION IS LOTION.

A few core ideas:

1. A passive approach to recovery from back pain is useless. One therapist states "There is nothing I can do for people who are not willing to maintain their gains with regular, specific exercises meant to strengthen their particular weaknesses."

2. Exercises need to be done regularly, (daily) and consistently. Another therapist notes " If you're not willing to give me five to eight minutes a day, [to do your exercises] then I can't help you".

Give it a read! It may inspire you to take control of your health and get on the road to recovery from back pain...without surgery. Keep moving! Dr. V.

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