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Back & Neck Pain: An Expanding Global Problem

Listed in this blog (see below) is a link to an article titled "How Back Pain Took Over the World." This article covers statistics from the Global Burden of Disease study---a study which has the somber task of tracking deaths and disease on a global basis. The findings in this study were quite interesting. Humans on an average are living 10 years longer than they did in 1980. Unfortunately, while a person's life span has dramatically increased, the quality of life has not maintained pace. Meaning, during these additional years, the individual is experiencing more disability and disease. Furthermore the categories of disease/disability have changed. Heart/cardiac related issues are still #1, but Neck and Low back pain is close behind at #2 in high income countries and #4 when considered on a global format. While the causes remain debatable, the silver lining of this study is that healthy living and proper lifestyle changes give a person the best chance to gracefully embrace Father Time and the additional years granted us by modern advances.

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